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Aimed at all levels

At Diesel Gym our Muay Thai Classes are high-paced and non-contact (All Level’s Classes), making
it a great way to get fit and enjoy yourself in our great gym environment.

Diesel Gym Diesel Gym Diesel Gym Diesel Gym Diesel Gym Diesel Gym Diesel Gym Diesel Gym
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Diesel Gym

About Diesel Gym

The mighty Diesel Gym started in London’s East End, where Frankie’s overseas adventures allowed him to spend a few years as head Muay Thai coach. After quickly falling in love with everything Diesel Gym stood for, he decided to make Diesel Gym an international sensation, bringing Diesel Gym’s unique style to his home town here in Perth.

Frankie’s passion for competitive Muay Thai spreads to all his students! His belief that Muay Thai suits everyone is something he backs up by offering 7 days of free classes for all new students. Book one now and come see what all the buzz is about!

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Is Muay Thai for you?


Muay Thai is rapidly growing as not only one of the world’s leading forms of combat sports, but is growing to be one of the most effective forms of exercise to get fit and enjoy yourself! Using the whole body by teaching you how to punch, kick, knee and elbow in a high paced, non contact class (All Level’s Classes), Muay Thai can be fun for everyone. Bring a friend and come down and try our classes with our


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Frank Cheffins

My wife and I took our 2 boys to the free session recently. Our older boy suffers from anxiety issues, social interaction issues, and is on the Autistic spectrum. We were encouraged to bring him along anyway, and were really excited about …

Ali Yazdari

Great Place Friendly environment

Anton Parfenov

Great free seminars for kids to educate about bullying

Thomas Axworthy

great for younger adults

Rianne Caccamo

I went in for a first impression a couple of weeks ago. The guy that talked to myself and my Dad seemed friendly enough and gave us a lot of information. I felt like he didn't have to hide anything.

Paul Filing

I have trained at Diesel Gym with Moe for about 8 months and am very impressed with the dedication and strong focus on Muay Thai techniques and values. I would recommend the Gym as a place where all those involved in its operation are very committed to the sport.

Sarah Holland

My son has trained in the teen class for a year now and he's really enjoying it. I've noticed an improvement in his focus and school work over the same period. The instructors are great too.

Grace Smith

Amazing gym, amazing trainers 😍

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2 Weeks Unlimited Training 30 Days Unlimited Training 30 Days Unlimited Training
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