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Diesel Gym London

The mighty Diesel Gym started in London’s East End.

Diesel Gym London is world renown as a training destination, steeped in history, for fighters throughout the globe, across a range of martial arts disciplines.

With training in Muay Thai, MMA, Brazilian Jui Jitsu, Wrestling and Western Boxing the mighty Diesel Gym is established an enviable reputation as a place where high level skills are taught and honed, and fighters emerge. Beginning with founder Kru Cliff Bura, a number of fighting champions call Diesel Gym London home, including some that train there to this day including: Thiago “Monstro” Borges, Kru Thoetthai “Uncle Thai” Srikrotriam, Peter Gieral, Claudio Henrique da Silva, Paulo Alencar, Tory ‘Da Omen’ Groman, Arnas Tatarunas, & Francis Maina.

The Diesel Gym experience is something unique in the world of martial arts, with the quality of fighters, trainers and facilities making it what it is today.

It is this high calibre of martial arts training ground in the east end of London that is the inspiration behind Diesel Gym Perth.

For more information about Diesel Gym London, visit:

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or londonmuaythai.co.uk

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