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Diesel Gym
2/320 Joondalup Drive
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Adult Classes

Are there many girls in the classes?

Diesel Gym has a big female member base. The classes are perfectly suited for ladies – but we also do ladies only classes.

What size are the classes?

Our booking system allows us to control how many students we have per class. We ensure that we have at least 1 instructor to every 8-10 students.

Do you have fighters?

Diesel Gym is built around teaching competitive Muay Thai and all our instructors are either experienced ex fighters, or current active fighters. We have a full team of fighters that compete on a regular basis.

Can I go into intermediates or advanced?

At Diesel, we encourage people to aim to progress through to the higher levels (even though its not compulsory). However, for your first class, regardless of experience, we prefer people to start at our All Levels Class.

What do I wear and do I need any equipment?

We recommend comfy shorts and singlet or shirt. You wont need shoes but can wear them during the warm up. We provide all equipment so all you need is your water bottle and a sweat towel.

How much does training cost?

At Diesel, we believe you should only pay for what you use so we don’t have any lock in contracts. Our cost really depends on how many times per week you train, but on average, its between $10-$16 per class.

Whats the best class for beginners

Our all levels classes are perfectly suited for beginners. Our experienced instructors will do a 1on1 session with you at the beginning of class to help you get comfortable with the techniques before you jump into the class.

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