Muay Thai Weight Loss Journey

Muay Thai Weight Loss Journey




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20 Years Old & 116KG

Unfit, unhealthy & unhappy

Something needed to change and for this young man, salvation came from an unlikely source…

Hard to say, but I did not like how I looked. I had a level of fitness that would leave me out of breath after a short 15-minute walk and I was suffering from depression.To go from that to where I am right now seemed so very unrealistic and far-fetched, yet the transformation has been dramatic. Here’s the story about how Muay Thai changed my life!

Growing up I was always a chubby kid and although I had a huge passion for sports and dreamt of being a super athlete, I told that it would never happen and I would never make it as an athlete. I went through high school labelled as the “fat kid,” which really made me shy away and soon I began to accept my fate as someone who will always be over-weight. And so I stopped trying.

“I tried EVERY “lose weight fast” fad diet and EVERY weight loss supplement there is…and put on MORE fat”

I was 18 when I had my first experience with Muay Thai and I instantly fell in love with it. I really wanted to be good at it, so I said “I’ll start doing it once I get a bit fitter” and “I’ll take it seriously once I lose some weight”. Of course with that mindset, it never really took off bur I joined my local gym in an effort to lose weight and get fit. Without any idea of what I was doing, I started working out and I tried every “lose weight fast” fad diet and every weight loss supplement there is. After a year and a half of doing this, I found that I had only put on MORE fat and my fitness had declined even further.

Having gone into a state of depression and had given up all hope. My weight skyrocketed to 116kgs and I could barely breathe properly. Walking had become a massive effort for me and due to my mental state, I felt I couldn’t do anything about it.

“I overheard a kid say “look at that fat guy” and he and his friends laughed at me”

One day, I decided to go to the beach and as normal, I went into the water with my shirt on to try and hide the body that I hated so much. I overheard a kid say “look at that fat guy” and he and his friends laughed at me. Of course, I ignored them and tried to push their comment to the back of my mind, but their words continued to echo in my head. When I got home, I went into the bathroom, took off my shirt and for the first time in months, I looked at myself in the mirror. I stared at myself for ages. I was transfixed at the figure staring back at me and was shocked at what I saw.

“The person staring back at me was a stranger. This is not who I was or wanted to be ”

At that moment I decided to really do something about it. I started off by going for a walk late at night because I was too embarrassed to let people see me. Eventually after a few weeks that walk turned into a very slow jog and soon enough I was able to run for 10 minutes non-stop. 10 Minutes!!! To me, this was a massive achievement, but it wasn’t enough so I kept going. One day I was out shopping and I saw a boxing bag on special so I purchased it and hung it up in my back yard, started practising Muay Thai again. The love for it came back immediately but I wasn’t any good at it so I went looking for a local gym that offered Muay Thai and I stumbled across Diesel Gym.

Me, going to a Muay Thai gym?! A gym that would be packed full of muscly men, kicking and punching bags like pros. I was so scared and on the day, incredibly nervous. I nearly doubled back and went home, but I took a deep breath and as I walked into the gym…

“I was greeted with a massive smile and a big bald head, My saviour; Frankie!”

Frankie talked to me about my goals, encouraged me and we took it step by step. At the end of my first session I walked out of there with the biggest sense of happiness and achievement, but weighing 98kgs I knew I still had a very long way to go.
Day by day I attended the classes and as my weight dropped my self-confidence rose. I was starting to feel confident in my own skin and in my ability to push through the pain and to keep going when my body told me to stop. My biggest motivation was to prove all those people that said “Moe you will never make it” wrong. The more I trained the more I fell in love with the sport, the more weight I lost and the more confidence I gained.

Almost 3 years later, I now comfortably walk around at 78kgs, have the fitness level of a professional athlete and have competed in several Muay Thai fights.

“I have taken the sport that changed my life in the best way possible and made it my career”

So why am I sharing my most embarrassing and inner-most emotions with you?
I want to use my story and my sport to change the lives of all those who dream to be something better but have been told that they will never be. To all those who doubt themselves to be. Muay Thai made me my own success story and it can do the same for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a big person. I am proof that you can do it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re inflexible and you’re intimidated by all those head kicks. It doesn’t matter if you’re small and light and think you can’t punch through a paper bag. The truth is you can.

Muay Thai is not a sport for one, but a sport for all. No matter your weight, size or ability, you can achieve all you set out to. Diesel Gym helped me transform and it can work for you too. All you need to do is take the first step to the rest of your life.


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