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2 Weeks Unlimited Training 30 Days Unlimited Training 30 Days Unlimited Training


Typically, our program follows a format of 10-20 minutes for warm up and mobility, with a strength piece to follow. Here our members go through specific movements or skills preparing our them for the class to follow.

In the second half of the session we move into our metabolic conditioning training. This is where we get our members fired up and this will be where you build your fitness.
The Diesel Strength & Conditioning Classes are suitable to all levels and we can up or downscale to suit the total beginner or the more seasoned athlete. We have implemented a scaling system where our participants can safely work through the levels being; beginner, intermediate, advanced and elite. These classes will get you fitter, faster and stronger.

We don’t just focus on any one discipline and our programming has the best elements of weightlifting, Olympic lifting, gymnastics, and cardio conditioning. This ensures our participants are constantly improving over a wide range of skills and disciplines. The programming stays both challenging but achievable and evolves with the participants on an individual basis.

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D40 Circuit Training

D40 is our original concept for interval-based training. Typically, we follow a format of 40 rounds, working through a variety of functional movements to keep our clients on their toes and working hard! All while having a strong focus on safety, technique and enjoyment.

As we are a Thai-boxing gym, we program exercises that will help develop speed and power, which will then transfer over to your sport. These classes are perfect for some variety in your training week, developing speed, power and fitness. Our D40 program caters to all fitness levels.

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If you’re coming from a FIFO position then this program is for you, on the
program you will receive your 8-week challenge which includes your healthy
eating plan, 8-week meal plan with recipes, access to the Diesel FIFO APP where
we upload your meal plans, programs, stats and measurements.

Every time you are back from your stint you will receive a personal training session with
your trainer plus access to our classes including; Strength and Conditioning, Thai Boxing, Yoga and D40. Along with your custom program and all the tools
you need to achieve the results you desire, you will have regular contact with
your trainer who will offer you ongoing support, help you achieve your goals
and keep you accountable.

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