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Diesel Kids

Diesel Kids has been specifically designed to teach respect for one another, build self-confidence and instil resilience. We focus on avoiding confrontational situations without violence and only utilizing self-defence as a last resort.

Often if children are faced with bullying or conflict, they don’t possess the necessary skills to diffuse or avoid such situations. Our Diesel Kids programme equips your children with coping mechanisms and fundamental tactics to deal with these types of situations in a safe manner.

This all takes place within a fun, nurturing and friendly environment. If you would like your children to build self-esteem, learn new life skills and whilst making new friends in the process, then Diesel Kids is for you!



It is the only program of its kind in Perth. Your toddlers will enjoy a fun introduction to martial arts fundamentals. This is great for development, focus & building their co-ordination skills.

Give your children a chance to explore their worlds, have new experiences and express themselves

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Diesel Kids is a Thai Boxing system specially designed for kids 4-7 years old. We have a full range of Thai-boxing classes suitable for their age & skill level.

At Diesel Kids there are no Katas. We teach your child practical skills that they can use to protect themselves & others. We believe that our job is to help your kids reach their full potential, teaching solid skills and don’t just fill uniforms with stripes and patches.

Our experienced trainers will teach your child the fundamentals of martial arts which will help to improve in their co-ordination, fitness & confidence.
Give your child the skills they need to tackle life’s challenges.
Our Junior classes are aimed at:

  • Building Confidence
  • Teaching Discipline
  • Improving Coordination
  • Building Fitness & strength
  • Respect

Teach your child self-defence martial arts in a fun, safe environment!

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Run at our new gym in Joondalup on Perth’s northside, Diesel Kids has Thai Boxing classes structured specifically for their age group. Our classes are a great way to stay active and make new friends.

We help students to develop their technique & we teach them the importance of overcoming challenges. A big part of our curriculum is attitude, we instil discipline, respect, listening & teamwork skills. Every term we cover topics such as bullying, stranger danger, & healthy eating habits, so our students know how to handle some of the common problem’s kids face today.

Martial arts is not about fighting, it is knowing how to protect yourself & others.
Our students will gain life skills that will not only help them at the gym, but also at school, at home & with their everyday lives.

We train together, smile together, & move forward together.

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Jason Lee

Diesel Kids Trainer

Jason has more than 20 years of experience in Martial Arts and Thai Boxing. He is a fully qualified instructor and personal trainer. As a father of two himself, Jason has a genuine passion and loves working with children of all ages to help them reach their full potential. In more recent times Jason’s life experience and commitment to see positive change amongst youths led him to create and start an anti-bullying movement called “Strand Strong Against Bullying”. This serves as a platform of support and a safe space for both parents and children to interact and communicate.

Jason was staggered to find that statistics show approximately 77% of students/teenagers have at one or more times during their school year experienced some form of bullying, whether it be on the school grounds or online. These statistics are on the rise and cases of severe bullying are increasingly broadcasted by local media. Jason’s positive work in the local community has not only helped empower countless children to stand up but has also changed the course of lives for the better.

“My vision is to reach as many people as possible and help educate them about bullying. I run Anti-Bullying Seminars over the school holidays, I visit schools as well, but I just felt that wasn’t enough which is why I have founded “Stand Strong Against Bullying”. I want to change the way we think and the way we treat each other. I want to change the world, I’m hoping to make a difference.”
Jason Lee

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Christine Drougas

Diesel has changed my life, Pippa pushes me past what I ever thought I could do and Kate has given me the most amazing bubble, but Frankie is so inspiring and really wants you to achieve your goals, I absolutely love this place.

Gerald Glasgow

Absolutely a great environment for kids to learn Muay Thai. Watching the instructors and assistant instructors its clear they have a great understanding of what is required to show kids correct techniques and keep them motivated and entertained during the class. So glad we chose to bring Indi here to learn she is loving it, cheers.

Rebecca Bartok

Without a doubt the best gym in WA.Frankie and his team are so passionate about what they do and want you to achieve your goals.I Love the fact it is family oriented as well. We all train, myself, 2 kids, and hubby.

Sam Turrell

Awesome trainers, fantastic atmosphere and the classes are great fun. A real workout challenging you to achieve your goals and guaranteeing your results.

Mason Beven

Extremely knowledgeable and helpful trainers, friendly staff and people, which creates a great atmosphere to train in. Highly recommend this gym!

Paul Filing

I have trained at Diesel Gym with Moe for about 8 months and am very impressed with the dedication and strong focus on Muay Thai techniques and values. I would recommend the Gym as a place where all those involved in its operation are very committed to the sport.

Sarah Holland

My son has trained in the teen class for a year now and he’s really enjoying it. I’ve noticed an improvement in his focus and school work over the same period. The instructors are great too.

Grace Smith

Amazing gym, amazing trainers 😍

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