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Develop Fitness, 

Focus, Discipline & Character

At Diesel Kids & Teens there are no Katas. We teach your child practical skills that they can use to protect themselves & others.

We believe that our job is to help your kids reach their full potential, teaching solid skills and don’t just fill uniforms with stripes and patches. We try model good character and healthy attitudes while staying active.

Our Diesel family grows every week with new members because all our experienced trainers and genuine people who truly care about their students. We are constantly striving to better ourselves and our facilities, building a club for kids to feel they belong. Somewhere they could learn Thai-Boxing and life skills such as goal setting, respect and discipline, but most of all a place where they have fun and enjoy training.

We will always do our best to make sure of that.

Join the club that gives back!

When you and your kids/teenager become a part of the club you both will soon learn that all our members are friendly and Diesel Gym is like a second home.

The bets way to see if Diesel is the right choice for you and your kid, or teenager, is to come down and have a go.

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Free Anti-Bullying


Bullying hurts so many people every year and we offer the skills that build confidence in your kids and teens, to prevent bullying where possible.

  • 86% of children report that bullying has interfered with their studies
  • Each day 160,000 students miss school due to bullying
  • Someone gets bullied every 7 minutes

Learn how to stand up to bullies and gain self confidence.



Free Parent Participation


Parents love spending time with their kids, it is optional for parents to join in the 5-7 years classes  for free.


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